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Word is that knitting, crocheting and sewing are experiencing a renaissance. If that’s your creative outlet, we applaud you and the originality of your children’s attire.
However, if you are stronger with a mouse than a needle and thread (think online shopping), you can still dress your little ones in highly original, locally-made clothing and accessories.

GRoWshirts is the brainchild of April DeJong. This mother of three boys (because she needs more to do), takes ethically-constructed T-shirts from American Apparel and applies silkscreens of children’s original artwork.

So far the artwork has been designed by DeJong’s children and a few family friends. We like The Monster the most (especially in pink). T-shirts are available online in sizes three months (onesies) to size eight and cost $29.50. You can also pick them up at in Murmur in Marda Loop and look for them at the Calgary International Children’s Festival this spring.

Even better—design your own. We love that with a custom order, GRoWshirts will print your child’s art on a high quality, flattering T-shirt. Orders can include mixed sizes and colours and they would make great family gifts or matching outfits for say, a trip to Disneyland. Discounts for bigger orders can be arranged.

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