Shop in Peace


‘Twas the night before Christmas
And all through the shops
Ran moms in their bathrobes, curlers and socks
Looking for last minute gifts, babes in tow
To maintain the magic crafted so long ago.
But why are you out shopping with kids in the cart?
When you can hire the good teachers at Drop and Shop? (So smart.)

Drop and Shop is a timely childcare program offered by the teachers and assistants at Calgary private school, Green Learning Academy. Located in the business park adjacent to Deerfoot Meadows (where you will also find major retailers Costco and Ikea), Drop and Shop is designed to let you get your shopping done in peace during the holiday season.

There is nothing about this program that we don’t like. It’s set in a well-run private school stocked to the rafters with kid-friendly paraphernalia and operated by teachers and other staff with intensive childcare training and experience.


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