Summer Smorgasbord


You’ve heard the eco-slogans: slow food, eat local, reduce your carbon footprint. We say choose to be healthy, wealthy and wise this summer.
Heathly: boost your fruit and veggie intake
Wealthy: count yourself lucky to be in the midst of such summer abundance
Wise: learn how to prepare some of our local bounty starting with BC peaches, Taber corn and backyard tomatoes

Peaches from BC are exquisite in mid-August. They are sweet, juicy and tender. While you might think of peaches as a snack or dessert item (peach cobbler, peaches and cream), fresh peaches are just tart enough to make a succulent addition to the main course.

Simply cut a peach in half with the skin on and put cut side down over a low flame on the barbeque for 2-3 minutes. The slightly smoky flavor accompanied by those professional looking grill marks scream summer. This side goes perfectly with grilled pork tenderloin.


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