Ketchup is Not a Vegetable


Ahh, summer…. The long days, the warm nights, the feel of sand underneath your bare feet—and the blood-curdling sound of children screaming in horror when you come at them wielding fresh vegetables for dinner.
If ketchup passes for produce at your house, maybe it’s time to add some pizzazz to your presentation. Here’s a look at three of summer’s most abundant and popular crops, with some simple ways to prepare and present them.

Tomatoes come in all shapes and sizes. Experiment with grape, cherry and strawberry tomatoes for some fun snacks. Let the kids dip them in ranch dressing or a mix of sour cream (or plain yogurt) and pesto. It’s the easiest and most impressive dip for all ages.

Need a sophisticated appetizer? Cut large field tomatoes in half, drizzle with olive oil, garnish with fresh basil and grated parmesan, then bake under the broiler until the cheese melts and gets golden and crusty.


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