A Calgary Skin Care Clinic That Specializes in Pregnancy Issues

A Calgary Skin Care Clinic That Specializes in Pregnancy Issues

Pregnancy changes our bodies in very apparent ways, but it’s those subtle changes in skin texture and pigmentation that have us perplexed. Is uncrossing our legs enough to prevent spider veins? Will drinking copious amounts of water keep our skin supple? Can we even put pimple cream on those hormone triggered acne flare-ups?

We heard through the grapevine that Thermae—a cosmetic skin care clinic in Lincoln Park—was the place to go to get our skin issues sorted. Owner Hannah Arcega is a mom herself, and a Registered Nurse who’s worked in paediatrics at the Alberta Children’s Hospital and dermatology.

When it comes to stretch marks, there are a few treatment options to reduce their appearance. Fractal laser was popular in the past, but Thermae finds better results with RF (radio frequency) micro needling. During this procedure, tiny needles are placed into the ski to stimulate collagen. The result is a firmer dermis and a smoother appearance.

For some of us, pregnancy mask or melasma, that blotchy looking hyperpigmentation on the face (caused by pregnancy hormonal changes) fades within months of delivery. For others, it never goes away. For those women, Thermae treats the area slowly to lighten the discolouration. We especially adore this clinic because they won’t recommend a specific treatment unless they really think it’ll work for you.

You start out by getting your skin care needs assessed with a complimentary one on one consultation with one of Thermae’s medical-aesthetic experts (pretty much everyone here is an RN). Instead of having to pony up for a series of laser or RF treatments, you’re just as likely to be recommended a special skin care kit comprised of produts that diminish the discolouration of pregnancy mask without harming your melanin cells. Be sure to budget enough time before or after your appointment to saddle up to their Skin Bar to sample these products.

Feeling in need of a mommy makeover? Popular treatments for new moms include facials, Cool Sculpting and RF skin tightening—which feels like a warm massage, as the heating devise runs over your body shortening elastin fibres, creating tightness, while stimulating collagen.

While there’s no dedicated childcare, we noticed several babes being toted into treatment rooms (though not a good idea to bring them in if you’re getting laser treatment). If you’d rather go in solo, Thermae is open during regular business hours, on Saturdays, and until 8 pm on Tuesday and Thursday evenings.

Beauty is only skin deep, but if you’re looking to tweak a few irritations, you’ll find a supportive crew here.

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