Why You’ll Love This Coffee Shop in Ottawa As Much As We Do

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When you’re home with little ones all day, it’s nice to get out of the house, meet up with fellow parents and friends, and enjoy a warm beverage without having to reheat it in the microwave over and over again. Which is exactly why we seek out coffee shops in Ottawa.

However, those plans are sometimes foiled when the kids are overtired or restless. Thankfully, this café in Westboro is designed with kids in mind so they can have fun, while moms and dads enjoy their coffee and a treat.

This is One of Our Favourite Coffee Shops in Ottawa

Wild Child Coffee Project is located on Richmond Road (near Winona and Churchill) and has been specially created to welcome parents with young children (kids under 5 are most commonly seen at the café) into a space that is full of hands-on adventure for the kids paired with the chill coffee scene we all love. The owner, Paige Watts, wanted to offer a space where parents can have the opportunity to refuel and where she could share additional resources for those in the postpartum period (and beyond).

To enjoy your time at Wild Child Coffee Project, you pay an admission rate for each child (free for babies 0-6, $4 for children up to 15 months and $5 for children 15 months to 5 years old). There’s also an unlimited pass for $35 a month. But with each admission, your child receives a small drink like a glass of milk or juice. Baked snacks (all nut-free) and a full-service coffee bar with items for purchase are available as well. Supervision is required while your child is in the play space, but you can easily keep an eye on them while drinking your coffee.

The space is filled with mini climbers, magnetic chalk walls, sensory objects and other activities created with the littlest kids in mind. We love the thought of enjoying a space with friends and meeting up for a play date without having to worry about having people over to our own homes (some days we just want to get out!) or having to worry about whether or not the kids will sit long enough to get through our coffee while it’s hot. Instead, Wild Child Coffee Project encourages safe exploration and playing that will keep your toddlers and preschoolers busy, while tiring them out before their nap time.

What you need to know before you go

Aside from the admission cost, you’ll want to be aware that strollers have to be left outside before entering the café. Socks only (for the children and guardians) are required in the play space. The café is open Mondays – Fridays, 8 am until 5 pm and on Saturday and Sundays from 9 am to 6 pm.

In addition to their regular play hours, where you can arrange to meet up with other parents, or connect with someone new, the Wild Child Coffee Project will be welcoming guest experts from time to time to chat about parenting topics that you’ll be interested in learning more about like their upcoming sleep session and babywearing class. More workshops and events are planned in this space, so keep an eye out on their Facebook page or Instagram account for additional details and future events.

You’ll also be able to book private birthday parties in the space. For the duration of two hours, you’ll enjoy the play space and cafe all to yourself. Yes, the entire space is yours when you book! You’ll also have a barista available to serve you and your guests. The package includes a hot beverage for each guest and loot bags. Cakes can be brought in from the outside (although it’s asked that they remain nut-free) or you can add on a cake to your package.

Find more information about the Wild Child Coffee Project here.



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