Colourful Snacking


The school year has officially started, and with it comes requests for snack food donations. Whether it’s for preschool nibbles or classroom parties, you’re certain to be called upon to provide some nourishment at some point in the year.
With rainbow-inspired food being all the rage these days, making appearances in cake, doughnuts, Jell-O and popsicles, we would be remiss to exclude fruity treats from this colourful application, especially when no unnatural dyes are required.

The how-to is simple: choose a red, orange, yellow, green and blue fruit. Chop up enough of each for your group: small bite-sized pieces work best. Using a large, wooden cutting board, arrange the fruits into an arc starting with the red fruit first, followed by orange, then yellow, the green and finally the blue. Make clouds with mini marshmallows or dollops of whipped cream, and you’re pretty presentation will easily win the kids over.

Alternatively, you could skewer the fruits in a rainbow pattern, using the same colours and slide one of each onto a bamboo skewer, topping it off with a large marshmallow. Just remember to cut off the sharp end with scissors to make the ends blunt before you take them into the classroom.

What are some of the ways you get creative with your fruit and vegetable platters for classroom parties?


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