Cookie Cravings


At SavvyHQ, holiday baking has become a new tradition, and a bit of a competition, you might say. We each take turns creating something we can bring to the office for tasting because let’s face it, baking is all about the tasting—and we greatly enjoyed sampling these particular treats. So without further ado, here are the six SavvyHQ Holiday Cookie faves for you and your family to enjoy this season.
Denise’s Jam Thumbprint Cookies
One of Denise’s favourite holiday cookies growing up was what she calls a Jam Thumbprint cookie. Without fail, her mom made them every Christmas. And, even before she became a mom, she and her sister added Jam Thumbprints to their holiday recipe file. Today, they are still one of her favourite Christmas cookies.

imageSarah’s Lemony Shortbread Strips
Not having many traditional ‘make it every year’ recipes in the family (other than a VERY labour-intensive rolled sugar cookie recipe her husband’s family always makes), she decided on shortbread and went looking for a recipe. Somewhere along the way, a citrus craving ensued and lemon shortbread it was.

Robyn’s Orange GingerbreadRobyn’s Orange Gingerbread
Robyn has always loved gingerbread cookies, but found that sometimes it’s too thick and hard, or the cookies are too bready. So when it came time to finding a new recipe, she called her Aunt Dorothy. Having grown up on a farm, she had lots of experience with baking. The ingredients are surprising, she has never loved gingerbread more.

Minnow’s Toffee Bits TrianglesMinnow’s Toffee Bits Triangles
Minnow loves to cook but admits that baking is not really her favourite activity. But since she likes making stuff with the kids around this time of year, chocolate bark has always been a favourite. So when she kept coming across a recipe from Chipits (no, this is not an ad), she had to give it a try. And it was a big hit.

Leslie’s Confetti BarsLeslie’s Confetti Bars
Her mom used to make these when she was growing up. It’s a quick and super-easy recipe—both important criteria for a mom of two year-old twins. It’s all about peanut butter, so those with allergies, take note. It’s also a no-bake recipe that is lots of fun to make with the littlest chefs in your kitchen.

Holly’s Traditional Gingerbread CookiesHolly’s Traditional Gingerbread Cookies
Despite the fact she works from her home office, Holly shared one of her children’s favourite holiday recipes—gingerbread. Both of her kids love the cookies and so did Alice the kitten (who snuck one under the table).


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