Delicious Reading for Your Holiday Weekend


I turned the page of my paper calendar this week and couldn’€™t believe I saw the word ‘€˜October’€™ written across the top. Can someone please tell me where 2012 went? I’€™ve already handed in an article dedicated to Christmas baking, and my Pinterest board is a flurry of holiday activity, which just further proves that this year is in fact speeding by.
So, this weekend I’€™m committed to getting a lot of rest and relaxation’€”after I cook dinner for 20+ people, of course’€”and while I do, I plan on catching up on some of the great reading I’€™ve been neglecting. If you’€™re inclined to do the same, I think you might enjoy the following articles:

1. If you’€™re still unsure of what to cook this weekend we have a list of 20 reasons to be grateful this Thanksgiving that might help you out.

2. Looking for a good weekend read? I just devoured Luisa’€™s book. I loved it.

3. I think I might want to be a pomologist when I grow up.

4. There really is such a thing as a banana slicer. Just read the comments. Hilarious.

5. Could your family go an entire month without eating anything processed? 4,000 people have pledged to do just that.

6. Let’€™s not forget about the other white fruit.

7. So many people are going gluten-free. This article is a fascinating look at gluten and sourdough and heirloom wheat.

Happy Thanksgiving!


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