Family-Friendly Vegetarian Restaurants in Toronto

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One of the hottest food trends out there is the plant-based diet, for a variety of solid reasons. Vegetarian and vegan dishes are usually healthy, filling, and gentler on the environment than their animal product-based equivalents. They can also be downright delicious. This rising popularity of plant-based diets means that it’s now easier than ever to find restaurants that cater to vegetarians and vegans. Below, we round up a dozen vegetarian restaurants in Toronto that not only serve up tasty plant-based dishes but also whip up food that will appeal to some of the food industry’s harshest critics: Your kids.

Since we know that dining out with little ones can sometimes be challenging, we’ve made sure to highlight whether or not takeout is an option. We’ve also included a couple restaurants that can satisfy both plant- and meat-based diets. And a meal out is a great place to start if you’re wondering how to become a vegetarian family.

Vegetarian Restaurants in Toronto for Families

Animal Liberation Kitchen

Unit 202, 100 Broadview Ave, Toronto
Takeout available: Yes

Need a cute, cozy spot for a parent-and-kid date? Then check out Animal Liberation Kitchen. This café-style spot is small, but its well-curated menu is packed with strictly vegan dishes that will appeal to both adults and kids. Selections include smoky mac and cheese, plant-based egg and bacon sandwiches and croissants topped with bananas, peanut butter and chocolate hazelnut spread. Smoothies and cold-pressed juices are also available.


Nine locations across Toronto and one in Hamilton
Takeout available: Yes

Fresh is a true Toronto success story and for good reason: It serves up delicious vegetarian and vegan food in an unpretentious environment. Its lengthy menu, which contains everything from tacos to bowls to salads, has a dish for everyone and even meat-lovers will find something that they can sink their teeth into. Fresh is also well-known for its raw, organic juices, which are cold pressed daily.


243 Avenue Rd, Toronto
Takeout available: Yes

India is home to the highest number of vegetarians in the world, so it’s only natural that Indian restaurants are usually a safe bet for diners looking for plant-based options. Toronto is rich with amazing Indian cuisine, but we’ve decided to feature Govinda’s in part due to its family-friendly pricing. Govinda’s uses an all-inclusive, flat-rate model of $10 for adults and $5 for kids, which gets you access to a rotating menu that includes breads, vegetable dishes and lentil soups. And while Govinda’s is set inside a beautiful, historic building, the atmosphere is warm and relaxed.


1122 Queen St W, Toronto & 16 Famous Ave, Colossus Centre, Vaughan
Takeout available: Yes

This cozy Queen West spot offers an all-day brunch that is sure to please your kids. Breakfast-y options include coconut-cashew cream topped waffles, pancakes with fruit and chocolate sauce, and almond and banana French toast. Looking for something a little-less carb heavy? Order a kimchi burger or a superfood burrito bowl. Some sweet treats are also available, including a mocha cashew “cheesecake.”

The Hogtown Vegan

382 College St, Toronto
Takeout available: Yes

Sure, plant-based dishes are often bright and green and full of fresh produce but they can also be done up to remind you of classic, fried comfort foods. At Hogtown Vegan, your family can “indulge” in veggie quesadillas, soy-based chicken wings and even “mac ‘n cheez,” which can be enhanced with “soy pork party” or “spicy unChicken.” Several dessert options are also available, including rich and creamy (but completely vegan) ice cream.

Ital Vital

741 Pharmacy Ave, Toronto
Takeout available: Yes, this is primarily a takeout spot

Since 2011, this Scarborough gem has been cooking up Caribbean flavours that are completely vegan. Its “daily meal” can change a bit from day-to-day but is always sold in two generous sizes and always includes vegan BBQ spareribs, stew (think curry chickpeas, pumpkin, or stir-fry vegetables) and your choice of a “base” (options include quinoa, brown rice, rasta-pasta and split peas roti). Also available are a variety of combos that include plant-based takes on burgers, fish and chips, and even drumsticks. Be sure to note that while Ital Vital is big on flavour, it’s short on floor space so plan on making this a takeout meal.

La Bartola

588 College St, Toronto
Takeout available: Pickup only; no delivery

If your family loves tacos, then La Bartola is the restaurant for you. This completely plant-based Mexican restaurant takes its freshly made corn tortillas and tops them with hibiscus flowers, jackfruit, and fresh pineapple. Can’t decide what to order? Grab the taco tasting plate, so that your family can sample a bit of everything. La Bartola doesn’t do delivery and is best enjoyed in-restaurant. And while this is a more  elegant spot, its charming out-back patio is perfect for the whole family (alternatively, this spot also makes a great date night).

Lalibela Cuisine

1214 Danforth Ave, Toronto
Takeout available: Pickup only; no delivery

Ethiopian is another cuisine that is packed with vegetarian dishes. While who makes the best Ethiopian food in Toronto is a matter of hot debate, we’ve decided to include Lalibela on this list as, in addition to its great food, it’s known as a family (and large group)-friendly spot that also houses some cool and authentic décor that’s sure to interest your kids. Both plant-based and meat-based combo platters are available, allowing diners try a variety of dishes for one reasonable price. Additionally, a number of “Ethiopian Canadian” dishes, such as spaghetti, are also listed, for those not quite ready to indulge in Ethiopian cuisine.

Pizzeria Libretto

5 locations across Toronto
Takeout available: Yes

No, this beloved Toronto-based pizza chain hasn’t gone 100% plant-based. However, it does offer quite a few vegetarian and vegan choices, as well as the option to substitute any cheese with Libretto’s house-made vegan fior di latte (and any wheat-based crust can also be substituted with a gluten-free choice). This option, along with the fact that pizza is almost always a hit with kids, makes Libretto a great option for families who need to satisfy the dietary needs of plant and meat eaters, as well as fill the bellies of fussy children.


4 locations across Toronto but note that menus vary by location.
Takeout available: Yes

You can’t round up vegetarian restaurants in Toronto without mentioning the highly regarded Planta chain of vegan restaurants. But while the food, which includes lasagna, pizzas, and noodles, will thrill your family, Planta’s more sophisticated vibe might not be the best fit for every age. Thankfully Planta offers takeout, meaning your kids can indulge in the beloved Planta burger (accompanied by parmesan truffle fries) right in the comfort of your own home.

Sorry I’ve Got Plants

476 Roncesvalles Ave, Toronto
Takeout available: Yes

While technically not a restaurant, we’re including Sorry I’ve Got Plants in this list of vegetarian restaurants in Toronto as it sells vegan meals that are perfect for busy families. Sorry I’ve Got Plants specializes in selling vegan meal kits that can be whipped into delicious dinners in 20 minutes or less. Selection varies but past meal kits have included such dishes as watermelon tuna poke bowl and carrot and ginger soup with grilled cheese. All kits are packaged to be low-waste and can be picked up or delivered. Besides meal kits, this pun-y spot also offers vegan grocery products that can be deliveries alongside your meal kits.

Thrive Organic

3473 Lake Shore Blvd W, Toronto
Takeout available: Yes

With its bright and airy space, ample selection and dedicated kids’ menu, this west-end restaurant is the perfect vegetarian restaurant in Toronto for your family’s next brunch outing (or lunch or dinner outing). Weekend brunch offerings, which are available until 2pm, include crepes, scrambled tofu wraps and vegan omelets. Thrive also offers an all-day menu that covered everything from quesadillas to pizzas to bowls. A wide variety of smoothies, fresh juices and baked goods are also available.


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