Fellow Moms Pick Their Favourite Pieces from the New Joe Fresh Sprout Collection


When Joe Fresh developed their ridiculously adorable collection of newborn clothes—Joe Fresh Sprout—we were more than happy to check them out, because: teeny, tiny newborn clothing! (Need we say more?)

We love that this newly-released newborn line of clothing has something for every type of Mom. So, we asked a few of our favourite content creators—and fellow moms—which pieces were their favourites. Here’s what they had to say—from one parent to another!

Jasmin from Lemon for Days

Light Green Newborn Soft Leggings, $8 | Buy Now

I’m not saying that blue and pink are out, but coral and mint definitely take the cake when it comes to baby clothes these days. These pastels are so subtle that they can pass as neutrals, making these pants a go-to piece no matter what you pair them with. The cute little details around the waistband and ankles add a sprinkle of style to your regular pair of pants. Soft and comfortable, they make for a fantastic play piece. If you’re wavering back and forth as to which colour to choose, go ahead and get both – they’re $8!

Marlie from Kale and Krunches

Pale Orange Newborn Graphic Long Sleeve Bodysuit, $7 | Buy Now

If you’ve ever seen any of the videos or photos filmed at my home on Kale and Krunches, you’ll notice one common theme. I have a lot of plants. Like, a lot! I’m often asked how I take such good care of them and my answer was always simple, “They are my babies.” That’s right. I am a glorified plant person. I name them, talk to them and ask favours of people to water them when I’m out of town. They are my pride and joy.

But my plant babies are in for a rude awakening this spring because Mama is in fact finally growing her very own human baby. While I’ll still love my “first-borns,” I am beyond excited to embark on this new adventure of real-life motherhood. My hubby and I are thrilled to be welcoming our little girl this coming May and I have to say, I can’t stop looking at cute girly nurseries and clothes online.

This Pale Orange Watch Me Grow bodysuit reminds me of how I took such meticulous care as a plant mama and treated my succulents like my own children. Watching them grow made me so happy that I can only imagine how I’m going to feel about my little princess coming soon.

I can’t wait to stock up on the Joe Fresh plant-adorned bodysuits, pants and jackets and play dress up every day with my own little sprout!

Brie from VanCity Wild

White Newborn Graphic Long Sleeve Bodysuit, $7 | Buy Now

We are super excited for the release of Joe Fresh’s new Sprout collection for infants—so much so that in anticipation, we’ve already picked our fave pieces! Everything that Joe Fresh comes up with is practical, stylish and affordable, so it has always been the place we go for staple clothes for Ollie since day one. This new line offers sizes for newborns from 0-12 months, with functional, comfortable pieces for your own babes, or for gifts for your loved ones.

We’re suckers for all things succulents, so we are really loving the “Can’t Touch This” bodysuit, because honestly, who can resist a cactus pun?! Ollie will be rocking this all season because it’s just too cute. We might even have to get it in two sizes.

Sarah from Hey Sarah Darling

Pastel Green Newborn Long Sleeve Kimono Bodysuit, $8 | Buy now

As soon as I saw the Pastel Green Cactus Print Kimono bodysuit I knew I had to have it! The precious botanical print is so trendy right now and I love that the calming colors work for both boys and girls. The mix and match bodysuits from the Joe Fresh Sprout Collection are soft and cuddly, but also extremely versatile. They can be worn alone in the summer or paired with a cute pair of joggers in the winter. I’m so excited to add this adorable item to my new baby’s wardrobe!

Candice from This Mama Loves Life

Night Shade Newborn Stripe Cardi, $16 | Buy Now

I do LOVE a cute stripe! How sweet (as well as functional) is this stripe cardi? Perfect for my spring baby. I couldn’t believe how soft the material is! This is exactly what I will want my newborn wearing. The Sprout collection is all about comfort and ease, and I can’t wait to dress our little one in these sweet newborn pieces. We aren’t finding out what we are having, so the fact that these Sprout pieces will be perfect for a baby boy or baby girl is another bonus.

Trisha from No Tummy Mommy

Night Shade Newborn Essential Pant, $7 | Buy Now

The entire Sprout collection is adorable, but there are a couple of pieces that I absolutely love! Perhaps it has been my recent obsession with cactuses that I am drawn to the Light Green ‘Cactus Print’ Bodysuit. The print is neutral, but playful. For all your monochrome-loving mamas, you’ll love the Nightshade Pants like I do. They are just so funky and fun! Half of Noa’s wardrobe is black and white, which I always think pairs so well with a touch of pink. The print on these pants are ultra cute with crayons and scribbles … just perfect for your creative little babe!

Elle Lindquist

Pale Orange Newborn Soft Leggings, $8 | Buy Now

There are so many adorable pieces from the Joe Fresh Sprout collection; anytime a cactus is involved in a print it’s basically a non-negotiable that I own it immediately!  I love the “Watch Them Grow” bodysuit—not only is the pale orange/peach colour adorable without being too ‘girly’ I love the ‘punny’ sentiment of feeding, loving, watering and watching our babies grow! The Light Orange pants are swoon-worthy—maybe it’s because they match the bodysuit, or maybe it’s the perfectly imperfect almost hand-painted look of the polka dots. I also love when pants offer a fold down option because not only does it accommodate various sized babies, but it also allows the pants to grow with your baby so you can get as much use out of them as possible.

Natalie Langston

Powder Blue Newborn 4 Piece Set, $24 | Buy Now

I love the ‘Mommy’s Little Sprout’ Bodysuit which is just SO adorable but also makes diaper changes a breeze and the fact that it’s super affordable at only $8 makes it a win-win. I also love the blue 4-piece essential set that comes with everything you need in one full outfit. The footed sleeper is soft and cuddly that is great for when we put our precious Pierce down for bed. He loves to be warm and cozy and these pieces definitely help with that.

There you have it. Our favourite fellow moms dish about their favourite newborn clothes from the Joe Fresh Sprout collection. If you want to weigh in or ask any questions, leave a comment! We love talking about all things baby with fellow parents.


This post is brought to you by Joe Fresh but the opinions are our own.


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