Frequency Fears?


We hear a lot about harmful outdoor rays in the summer, so we lather on the sunscreen and keep hats on at all times. But what about the harmful rays inside the house that we keep hearing about, like the ones that come from cell phones, laptops or even hair dryers?
As experts and pundits continue to debate the dangers of wireless technologies like WiFi (the signal technology commonly used to connect us to the Internet and the reason your local Starbucks looks like a laptop farm), we’re connecting the dots about hot spots, EMFs and what to do if you want to reduce your exposure to them at home.

What’s the full-blown truth about your hair dryer and more?
Every electronic device in our home—appliances, hairdryers, electric blankets, clocks, even your electric toothbrush—gives off an electromagnetic field (EMF) containing low levels of radiation. While some researchers believe ongoing exposure to EMFs (particularly higher frequency) can contribute to adverse health, suffice it to say there are much greater dangers than the daily use of your hair dryer (like slipping in the bathtub).

The concern increases, however, when discussing the impact of wireless technology including wireless routers, cell phones, cordless digital phones, Bluetooth devices and even some baby monitors. These devices emit a more powerful form of electromagnetic energy called electromagnetic radiation (EMR). According to some experts, this may contribute to serious health issues due to the omnipresence of wireless devices in our daily lives.


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