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A tiny princess, a new kind of hockey mom, the Ontario sex-ed protests and celebrating Mother’s Day. That’s what’s on our minds at Savvy HQ this week.
1. The Royal baby, of course
Who can help but talk about the most highly anticipated human of 2015? Prince William and Kate, the Duchess of Cambridge, welcomed their second child, a daughter, on the weekend. It took a couple of days before the palace announced that her name is Charlotte Elizabeth Diana, and that she will be known as Her Royal Highness, the Princess of Cambridge. Looking at the pics from her unveiling outside of the hospital, we can’t help but marvel at the thought that the pretty wee princess has no way of knowing she’s kind of a big deal. The other thing that’s got us talking? Just how radiant Kate looked, especially for a woman who had just given birth. Sure, we know that the Duchess has stylists to help her look good for the cameras, but it’s a still a little maddening. Our post-natal pictures may never see the light of day again.

a new kind of hockey mom

2. A new kind of hockey mom
We were delighted to read that there’s a movement to get moms involved in coaching hockey, not just watching from the sidelines. Given that more girls are playing hockey than ever, it’s great that more of them will have female role models. Even moms who have never played the game themselves are learning the sport along with their daughters so they can act as coaches and assistant coaches. Way to go, ladies!

sex-ed protests in Ontario

3. The Ontario sex-ed protesters
To our great dismay, thousands of Ontario students were kept home from school this week in protest of the new sex-ed curriculum. Sadly there is all kind of myth about the curriculum changes, much of it linked to misinformation spread by religious groups. We see nothing wrong with kids learning the correct words for body parts in Grade 1. Why? Because there is all kinds of evidence that shows being able to identify private parts protects kids by helping them to speak up about inappropriate touching. And we’re glad kids will learn some of the important stuff about sexual health sooner, especially since such explicit imagery is just a tap or two away on their phones and tablets. Here’s an excellent article that debunks 10 myths about the new Ontario sex-ed curriculum and what it really contains.

you do you

4. This great story on motherhood and being ourselves
We’re bookmarking this piece for the next time we need a reminder to go easy on ourselves. It questions the competitive nature of modern child-rearing and encourages us to place more faith in our maternal instincts. Now that’s something worth celebrating.

what we want for Mother's Day

5. What we want for Mother’s Day
And speaking of celebrating, of course we can’t help ooing and ahhing over our favourite things in our great Mother’s Day Gift Guide. We know we’re supposed to say it’s all about the sentiment in that glittery card they make at school, but it’s okay to hope for a painterly iPhone case, a grown-up colouring book or this cheeky ‘Go Ask Your Father’ mug, too, right? One of these and a great brunch out will do us nicely, please.


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