Frozen Cookie Dough Balls

Scooped Cookie Dough

Some people go shopping to prepare for the upcoming school year, but I like to stock my freezer with frozen cookie dough balls. Not only do these little gems save me when I need snacks for the lunchbox, but when the last minute emails come in requesting edibles for the classroom party, I am prepared.
I made a variety of favourite doughs (chocolate chip and oatmeal), and portioned them out evenly using my handy ice cream scoop. I place the dough balls on a cookie sheet, which I then place in the freezer. Once the dough balls are mostly frozen, I transfer them to a Ziploc bag, label them, and then have several dozen cookies ready for baking and entertaining.

I like having a plethora of cookies to choose from, and making the dough was really a cinch. You’ll be happy to know that baking them is even easier!

Do you have any foods you like to prepare in advance and freeze? What are your food prep secrets to get you through the busy school season?



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