Unique Date Night Ideas in Vancouver

Date Night

Date nights are important to help parents recharge. Dealing with the many wants and needs of kids all day can leave you feeling drained. Going out and having fun is a great way to get that spark in your step (and your relationship!) back. Are you tired of dinner and a movie and doing the same old thing? Here are some ideas for fun date nights you might not have considered.

Aquarium After Hours

Commune with the sea creatures, enjoy a glass of wine and savor a kid-free trip to the aquarium. Learn new things together, and explore the exhibits at your own pace. Take your relationship to new (ocean) depths and remember that while there are plenty of fish in the sea, you’re eel-y special to someone. (Ha!) Aquarium After Hours

Science World After Dark

Is a little chemistry missing from your relationship? You’re going to the right place! Find out new things about science or give yourself a refresher. Kid-free science fun is actually pretty cool. And now you’ve got the chance to make like molecules ‘bond’ with few other distractions! Science World After Dark

Impromptu Rock Choir

Here’s a chance to make sweet music together! Impromptu rock choir is a drop-in group that meets on a weekly basis at different locations to sing fun music as a group. No singing experience necessary, just a love of live music and a willingness to laugh at yourself (and with each other.) It’s a great way to find the harmony you’re looking for in every day life. Impromptu Rock Choir

Picnic in the Park

Enjoy a catered gourmet picnic during sunset at English Bay. You can also rent games like bocce ball to add a little competitive spirit to the evening. Eat, play, love – all on the beach with your favourite person. And enjoy delicious, local fare, too. Picnic in the Park

EXP Restaurant & Bar

Level up your relationship with a night at this video game themed bar. Take in trivia or participate in a video game tournament together. Share control(lers) and go on missions together that have nothing to do with grocery shopping for a change! EXP Restaurant & Bar

Board Games at Storm Crow Tavern

You’ve played games with your kids, but how often do you get to play with just your partner? Head to (self-proclaimed) “Vancouver’s Original Nerd Bar” and take their broad selection of board games for a spin, roll the dice and find a new way to have fun together. Storm Crow Tavern

Date night doesn’t have to be the same old thing. Recharge yourself and your relationship by trying something new with your partner. There are loads of unique ways to have fun on your kid-free date night in Vancouver.

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