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Don’t misunderstand us, we love spring here at SavvyMom. But the weather this time of year can be a little unpredictable, a little cool, and a little — or a lot — grey and rainy, dashing outdoor play and outdoor plans. And sure, there are always movies, TV shows, and video games to keep the kids occupied inside the house. However, we’ve found that even the most screen-loving kids get bored of those options after a few hours. They want to do stuff on a rainy day in Toronto and honestly, so do we.

Thankfully, in Toronto, it’s easy to have fun even when the weather outside is wet, windy, or otherwise just plain gross. Below we’ve rounded up over a dozen of those ideas, all located in (or near) the city and all perfect for keeping your family busy. So the next time you see those dark clouds gathering, don’t fret, just turn to this article instead.

Fun Things to Do on a Rainy Day in Toronto

Enjoy an Indoor Playground

Let’s start with the obvious choice: An indoor playground. Toronto is home to multiple indoor playgrounds and we’ve rounded up a few of our favourite choices in this list. Need things narrowed down a bit more? If you’re in the west end and want to multi-task, pay a visit to Happy Kingdom, found at 1980 St. Clair Avenue West, where while you supervise your playing kids, your partner can pick up groceries at the adjacent supermarket.

Need somewhere along the subway line? Then the Danforth has your answer! For the under-seven set, stop by Jump for Joy Play Centre, located at 1472 Danforth Avenue, which offers weekday play. On the weekends, check out the Jump for Joy’s Kids Club at 1998 Danforth Avenue, where you can also drop off kids ages four through eight, for supervised play.

And if you’re looking for a free option, stop by Playground Paradise, which is operated by the City of Toronto at 150 Grenoble Avenue, inside the Flemingdon Community Centre. Just a note that this location gets busy fast.

Bounce Out That Energy

Are your kids getting a bit old for your typical indoor playground? Or maybe they’re just looking for something a little different and a little more… bouncy? Then a trip to Sky Zone trampoline park might be what your kids need to jump away the rainy-day blues. You can find Sky Zone’s Toronto location at 45 Esandar Drive. There your kids of all ages can jump (including into foam pits), climb, and test their balance skills on the sky ladder. Skyzone also operates several other locations throughout the GTA but regardless of where you go, be sure to check the schedule and reserve your family’s spot in advance.

Another bounce-filled option is The Bubble, which operates at 65 Orfus Road in Toronto and a newer location at 7979 Weston Road in Vaughan. Both locations are home to multiple distinctive inflatable play areas and arcades that feature over 50 games. The Toronto location also offers laser tag while in Vaughan you’ll find a 15-foot-high net course. Walk-ins are accepted and kids as young as two are welcome to join in on the fun.

Bowl Out That Energy

Bowling is a classic activity for a rainy day in Toronto that will get your kids moving while still offering plenty of opportunities to sit. Toronto offers a few different bowling options including Shamrock Bowl at 280 Coxwell Avenue, which offers that classic bowling environment. At the other end of the scale is the flashy and modern The Ballroom, located downtown at 145 John Street. Another great option for families is Playtime Bowl & Entertainment at 33 Samor Road, where in addition to bowling, your kids can play laser tag or check out the arcade. All three suggestions also serve up kid-friendly snacks and meals.

Climb Out That Energy

Swap your kids climbing on your furniture with them climbing the walls of one of the city’s rock-climbing centres. Boulderz Climbing Centres, found at unit #16, 1444 Dupont Street, and unit 9, 80 The East, offer climbing opportunities for all levels and kids as young as four. If you’re over in the east end, Rock Oasis, at unit 204, 389 Carlaw Avenue, might be easier to access. This family-friendly spot, which has a whole room just for kids, is also open 365 days a year. Another particularly eye-catching option is Hub Climbing, located at 165 McIntosh Drive in Markham and 3636 Hawkestone Road in Mississauga. Both locations feature colourful kids’ areas complete with a city skyline that your children can skip across.

Explore (Little) Canada

Take the kids on a trip across most of the country at Canada’s premier collection of miniatures. Conveniently located on the subway line at 10 Dundas Street East, and near a variety of parking options, this one-of-kind attraction will fill hours as your kids explore a miniaturized version of most of Canada (the West and the North are currently works-in-progress). Each room has a daytime and nighttime display, so be sure to catch both versions (especially in the Ottawa room). And keep an eye out for Maurice the Moose, Little Canada’s official mascot, who can be found hiding throughout the many displays.

Play an Indoor Game

Need to entertain school-aged kids in the late afternoon or early evening and want to do it somewhere where you can also grab a bite to eat? One option is Lob Toronto, found inside the lower level of 100 Broadview Avenue. It features “lob,” a game that’s described as a cross between bocce ball and golf and that involves nine unique tracks. Before or after your game, grab some food from the simple but kid-friendly menu. Walk-ins are available but you’re encouraged to reserve your slot (which should take 30-40 minutes for a group of four to play) just to be on the safe side. Another option is Part-Tee Putt, at 26 Duncan Avenue, in downtown Toronto. There your family can choose to play anywhere from nine to 27 holes of mini golf. Each hole is uniquely themed in fun ways such as Twister, Jaws, and even one that references the Canadian National Exhibition. Once you’ve finished your game, your family can indulge in Part-Tee Putt’s pizza-heavy menu. Reservations also aren’t required here but are encouraged.

Challenge an Escape Room

Get your kids out of the house and get their brains running with an escape room challenge. Last year we rounded up Toronto and area escape rooms that will have your family working together to solve the mystery and find a way out of a themed space, usually in 60 minutes or less. Since we created that list, a Taylor Swift-themed escape room has popped up that is
perfect for the Swiftie in your life! Suitable for all ages, this experience takes place at Trivia Escape Room at 1615 Dupont Street.

Check Out Your Local Library

Libraries are absolute gems in our communities and on rainy days, they can be exactly what you’re looking for. Stop by and discover some new books and, depending on the branch, engage with some of the fun and free activities offered in the children’s section. These activities can include everything from colouring sheets to DIY scavenger hunts to interactive craft classes. See a full listing of the City’s libraries here and then find out what kids’ programming is coming up.

Explore a Local Museum

A rainy day in Toronto is a great excuse to explore one of the city’s various museums and galleries. We have a pretty comprehensive list of such attractions here but we’ll take this moment to highlight a few of our favourite choices. The Ontario Science Centre, at 770 Don Mills Road, is always a great choice for hands-on fun, plus it has a movie theatre. Then there’s the literal granddaddy of museums in this city, the Royal Ontario Museum at 100 Queens Park. It’s a must-visit for dinosaur-loving kids.

For something a little different check out one of Toronto’s two illusion museums. The first of these attractions is the appropriately named Museum of Illusions, at 132 Front Street East, where your family can shrink themselves, challenge the vortex tunnel, and even walk upside down (kind of). The newer iArts Museum, on the second floor of 580 King Street West, features over 20 3D installations that your family can explore and pose with to create some memorable moments and photos.

Go for a Swim

A trip to the pool is always a good way to fill a few hours. While a full list of Toronto’s public pools and their drop-in hours can be found here, we’re sharing three of our favourite Toronto public pools with you here. Of course, Pam McConnell Aquatic Centre, at 640 Dundas Street East, tops the list. This light-filled building has a warm-water toddler pool, a water slide, and some cool extras like a Tarzan swing, though sometimes this feature is out-of-order. Next up is the spacious Douglas Snow Aquatic Centre, at 5100 Yonge Street, which also offers a toddler pool, plenty of fun water toys and one very impressive water slide. Finally, we’ll end our list with the York Recreation Centre, at 115 Black Creek Drive. While there’s no slide here, there is a good-sized toddler pool that offers some fun water features and plenty of toys. And best of all, leisure swim is always free at all City-run pools.

Make an Artistic Mess

Crafts might be a traditional rainy-day activity but they’re also kind of messy. And what if your kids want to create something that your craft box just isn’t equipped for? Get fresh ideas and keep your house clean by checking out one of the city’s kid-focused art centres. At the Artful Child, which has one location at 214 Wright Avenue and another at 159 Roxborough Drive, kids ages 16 months to six years have access to paint, clay, natural materials, and so much more. Reservations are a must here and usually need to be booked a day in advance but if you know we’re in for a few rainy days, you may be able to work the Artful Child into your schedule.

If you’re in the east end, Creative Wee Leprechauns, at 1051 Kingston Road, offers “open studio sessions” where kids of all ages (and adults too) can have fun creating their own masterpieces. Reservations aren’t required here but are recommended.

And if your kids are more into modeling dough, stop by The Clay Room at 279 Danforth Avenue. This do-it-yourself studio offers dozens of ceramics that your kids and you can select and then paint on site (or pick up a package of pieces and paint to-go). No need to reserve here; just drop in. Regardless of which studio catches your eye, be sure to check out their schedules as open hours can vary from month-to-month.

Pull Something Out of Your Stockpile

If you have the space and the budget, create a “stockpile” of games, crafts, books, and other rainy-day activities that you can pull out and use as needed. What your stockpile consists of naturally depends on your children’s interests, but we recommend having a nice mix of items that includes some surprises. To build your stockpile, consider trips to such shops as My Gifted Child, at 2883 St. Clair Avenue East, Midoco Art & Office Supplies, which has various locations in Toronto, and Type Books, which has three stores in the city.

See What’s Happening Around Bremner Boulevard

Downtown Toronto gets a bad rap for being unfriendly towards families and young kids but in actuality, there is plenty to do in the core, especially along Bremner Boulevard. There you’ll find Roundhouse Park, which features several family-friendly activities. Check out the Toronto Railway Museum, at 255 Bremner Boulevard, where your family can learn about trains as well get up close and personal with these metal beasts. Then hop over to the neighbouring Rec Room. This isn’t a cheap outing, but it is a fun one that will have your kids occupied for hours with all kinds of video and arcade games, a race car simulator, tasty food, and more. Another nearby attraction is Ripley’s Aquarium, at 288 Bremner Boulevard, where your family can meet sharks, rays, and play on the indoor playground. And if all that isn’t enough, there’s even a playground in this part of the city, located in the southeast corner of the park.

Stop by an EarlyON Centre

For many families, Ontario’s EarlyON centres are frequented during that pre-daycare baby/early toddler phase and then kind of forgotten about. But if you have children ages six and under, EarlyON’s drop-in hours can be a great way to get out of the house and enjoy some crafts, toys, and even circle times with minimal planning and best of all, no costs! While hours of operations vary by location, a surprising number of EarlyON centres are open on Saturdays including one of our favourite locations, the College-Montrose Children’s Place at 180 Shaw Street, which has separate baby and a little kid rooms and a ton of age-appropriate toys and activities.

Visit The Toronto Zoo

We know what you’re thinking: Who visits the zoo when it’s raining? But so long as it’s not full-on pouring and there’s no risk of lightning, the Toronto Zoo in drizzly weather can actually be pretty fun (just dress appropriately). For one thing, it won’t be crowded with people. Animal activity is another matter, since many creatures will be more active in the cooler, cloudier weather. And don’t forget that while the bulk of the zoo is outside, there are plenty of indoor pavilions where your family can dry off, including the recently re-opened Malayan Woods Pavilion. There you’ll find (IMHO) one of the zoo’s cutest creatures, the cloud leopard. It will also likely be a breeze to snag a covered or indoor table where your family can eat.


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