Where to Get the Best Bra (No Matter Your Size!) in Calgary

Bratopia Calgary

Having kids changes many things about your body. In my case, the girls saw the most damage. After breastfeeding, I went from a delightful 34B to 36A.

Nobody aspires to be fatter and flatter, but after getting properly fitted at BraTopia, both my confidence level and bra size changed for the better.

With two locations in Calgary, BraTopia sports over 12,000 bras in every size, shape and colour. Luckily for me, the friendly shop isn’t just a haven for busty ladies who have difficultly finding well fitting product. Petite women with smaller band sizes face similar issues and can find a proper solution here, too.

Offering dozens of brands that range from Freya to Fantasie to Prima Donna and Empreinte, walking out of here without a well-fitting bra isn’t an option. Our biggest mistake, according to owner (and mom of five!), Colette Hamon, is wearing a bra too big in band and too small in the cup size. “That’s our number one correction,” admits Colette.

If your bra straps routinely slip off your shoulders, you’re in this camp. Apparently our torso is our band size and we’re way smaller than we think. Most chain stores only carry 16 sizes, but at BraTopia, you’ll find a whopping 350 sizes.

Another bra no-no? Being programmed to think you need to wear a beige bra under a white T-shirt. “There are actually several types of blue, pink and red bras you can wear under white if it has the right undertone,” shares Colette. (Yours truly put this to the test with a raspberry coloured number with success.)

Besides your basic everyday and sexy-time bras, BraTopia offers a wide variety of nursing bras from well manufactured German brand Anita to the cuter Cake Lingerie. Have trouble finding a decent sports bra? Never again will you be forced to wear two sports bras to keep the girls under control. Their sports bras – Panache, Shock Absorber and Enell, the brand Oprah works out in, are all designed for high impact. Impressively, their line up goes all the way to cup size K. “No matter what workout you’re doing, you’re breasts are going to be safe and feel comfortable,” avows Colette.

Staff here know their stuff. I was amazed at how quickly I was sized up, measured and given a bra. For real, it took less than five minutes to find the perfect fit. Bye bye 36A, hello 30E. Suddenly I had a perky, properly lifted bosom that was last seen during Nirvana’s heyday.

During the fitting, I learned you should always use the loosest hook when fastening. With time, bras stretch and as they do, you notch it in tighter. Once you’re on the tightest hook and it starts to feel loose, you know it’s time for a new bra.

Besides bras, BraTopia sports shape-wear, sleepwear, underwear and even men’s undergarments. Carrying Canadian manufacturers Saxx and My Package, both brands are famous for their built in pocket to comfortably store the family jewels. You’ll no doubt love the funky patterns like fries, skulls and beer pong cups splashed across boxer briefs. For those hard to buy for men, consider a kinetic tight for winter sports. This high tech long john keeps the boys warm with a moisture wicking, anti odour fabric that prevents chaffing.

Sporting a wide variety of sexy wear, it’s easy to spice up the bedroom with a variety of enticing outfits from satin nightgowns to corsets to fun in a box. Like everything in the store, sizes range from petite to plus – including babydoll nighties cut for your chest size.

With winter beach vacations on the horizon, their swimwear is second to none. The product selection is more inspiring than what you’d find in mall swimwear shops, and is ideal for curvy gals. And yes, they have plenty of appropriate bathing suits for legit swimming and baby swim classes.

Can’t make it into the shop? BraTopia does Skype fittings for rural clients. Staff walk you through how to measure and if you’re up for it, will look at your breasts before mailing you several samples.

Like new shoes, you can expect a break-in period. Colette reckons it takes four to five days of wearing to reach maximum comfort. Ideally, bras are hand washed, but next best is using a lingerie bag in the washer, so they don’t get twisted and pulled. And for heaven’s sake, never throw them in the dryer.

It seems the secret to looking better and feeling more confident is found right under our shirts.


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