Get Confident


Most of us can’t afford to make a mistake on a couch purchase—once we buy it, we’re stuck with it. And we all dream of being surprised by a team of those TV show designing guys (or gals) who descend upon our house and redesign everything that needs redesigning.

Maybe it’s because we’re home more now that we’re moms or maybe it’s because we’re constantly looking for a place for everything (so everything can be in its place), but we seem to be constantly looking for ways to rework our space. We fantasize about new furniture layouts, colour schemes, organizing solutions or additional furnishings, but we’re just not really sure how they will look in the end so we remain paralyzed by indecision.

Expert interior design help without the interior designer price would be nice, don’t you think? Mom entrepreneur Beverly Thibault has developed an online design consultation service, Décor Confidence that offers just that, so you can be sure before you spend.

The wife of a Canadian military officer (and mom of one busy 8-year old boy) with a business and graphic design background, Beverly moved house 12 times in the last 18 years. Frustrated by her husband not being able to picture her various design ideas, she pulled out her pencils and brushes and painted up an illustration of her plans. When her contractor told her that the pictures really helped him execute her project, a small business helping others plan their home décor and garden design projects was born.


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