Get Down


Europeans eat “alfresco” on wrought iron chairs with tables. Canadians throw a blanket on the ground and have picnics.
Not quite as as romantic perhaps, but we’re OK with that because we know how to have fun – as long as it’s a nice blanket.

Thanks to Dana Thomson and Antje Reid, the proud owners and craftswomen behind Pea in a Pod Designs, we have found the right blanket, particularly (and especially) for when you are taking your little bundle of joy with you.

We love them because they are made with PVC-free waterproof backing on one side so they don’t get ruined if you put them on the ground – and very pretty fabric on the other. Dana and Antje update the patterns every season so they are always ‘just so’.

Each blanket is made with soft cottony fabric and a layer of quilting batting – pre-washed to avoid shrinkage (hate that) and completely machine washable. You’ll note that they are the perfect size for baby Jack if you don’t want him rolling in the dirt with the bugs (yet) and for Jill to use for outdoor tea parties.

When Jack and Jill are older, bring it to the soccer game and sit on it yourself (we did). Let them take it inside the fort they built or wrap it around you when it rains at the next game. Remember, it’s washable and waterproof. Just because it looks good doesn’t mean you can’t have fun with it, so stuff it in the stroller and pull it out when the ground calls you.

Get down and have fun. That’s what being a kid (and a parent) is all about.

Available at Pea in a Pod Designs


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