Good Cheap Eats: Caramelized Onions


The weather we’€™re having in Ontario this week practically demands that we stock up on soup, and how better to do so than by pulling out the Dutch oven from the cupboard and loading the grocery carts with root vegetables and onions.
Available across the country now, these budget-friendly ingredients are the building blocks for some of this season’€™s tastiest soups. Last Friday, I picked up a 10 lb bag of onions for just under two dollars. What does one do with this many onions? They were peeled and pushed through the processor, and eventually I was left with nothing but a pile of thin, fragrant slices. A long simmer in a blend of butter and oil rendered me a big batch of caramelized onions, destined for several meals worth of soup and other simple dinners.

When the onions have been caramelized to golden perfection, I like to portion them into two-cup batches and freeze them in zip top baggies. I pull them out and toss them in a pot of simmering stock, to which I add 1 clove of minced garlic, 2 sprigs of fresh thyme and a splash of white wine. Once they come to a boil and the soup is heated through, dinner is on the table in no time and cost me less than pennies to put together. Feel free to top the soup with a toasted piece of bread covered in cheese and broil it for one or two minutes. Or serve as is alongside a grilled cheese sandwiches.

The onions can also be tossed with pasta and cooked greens, or spread on pizza when you’€™re out of sauce. They even taste great when served on toasted baguette slices and topped with aged cheddar or melt Brie cheese.

Find the full printable recipe here: Big Batch of Caramelized Onions


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