Minnow’s Five Things


It was a wild and crazy week, what with Sandy blowing through town and leaving her wreckage. Fortunately we were left unscathed, and I’m truly grateful, but there was more that crossed my desk this week.
1. Last week on SavvyMom, we featured Wacky or Wonderful items for kids and babies. Then I came across this hilarious kids’ pacifier with a fake moustache attached. It’s so awful it’s almost cute. Would you buy this for your little angel?

2. Were you prepared for the worst on Monday night? We found some flashlights and batteries at home in case the power went out but my concern was primarily with our neighbours to the South with homes lined up along the U.S. East Coast. Of course, the only thing my kids cared about was missing school the next day (suckers, they had to go). So I took the opportunity to turn Sandy into a teaching moment—my kids just love these—and talked about having more respect for nature. I noticed from some of your Facebook updates that you did too. You never know how much of these lectures get absorbed, but for a nano second you feel like a better parent. Did you talk to your kids about the storm? What life lessons did you impart?

3. Speaking of life lessons, I came across this Ellen skit last week (although it has been around for a while now). She has some classic maternal advice to dish out to young women about the BIC Pen for ladies. She is hilarious but watch it until the end for the commercial.

4. If you like hilarious videos (and who doesn’t), then you’ll appreciate this Dora the Explorer movie spoof that has been circulating. Any parent with young children who has had to sit through countless Dora episodes will appreciate this video. Watch it and weep! Have you seen Swiper?

Apparent App

5. I do appreciate the advances we have made in technology, especially with respect to how they enable us to streamline everything. Take the modern playdate, for example. Most parents don’t love them for various reasons, but they are a part of preschool life. If only we could make them easier to organize and cut out the middle man, we’d be set. Wait—there’s an app for that. No more humans required.

Have a great week.


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