Green Smoothies


Have you jumped on the green smoothie bandwagon? I’€™m not afraid to admit that I have, and the fresh and healthy addition to my weekdays is something that I now look forward to each morning.
It’€™s not innate for me to eat fruits and vegetables in the morning; I’€™m more of a tea and toast kind of girl. However, I do admit that I love the fact that a green smoothie gets three or more fruits and vegetables into me before I’€™ve even done the early school run. It takes the pressure off thinking about how I’€™m going to eat my produce quota for the day, and makes me feel energized and refreshed.

I’€™m partial to spinach in my smoothies but you can use whatever greens you have on hand: kale, Swiss chard, collard greens, mustard greens, beet greens, celery, and parsley are all great options. To balance the flavour, a good green smoothie should be about 40% greens and 60% fruits, fats and liquid. I like my drinks icy cold, which is why I include the addition of ice cubes, but if you use frozen fruit you may prefer to leave them off your ingredient list.

Do you do green smoothies? What is your favourite leafy green to use?

Find the full printable recipe here: Everyday Green Smoothie


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