Harvest Some Memories


Instead of whining about the tough choices in life—White or red? Skinny or bootleg? Organic vs. conventional?—we have vowed to be grateful for them (the choices, that is).

So in the spirit of this harvest season, we are giving you Vancouver SavvyMoms choices for some real “back to the land” activities to do with your families this fall.

We know there’s nothing that makes you feel more virtuous that getting your family’s food straight from the farmer who grew it. And thanks to a great website, www.circlefarmtour.ca, you can plan an easy outing that will take you from dairies to berries and everything in between.

Vancouver moms are closest to the self-guided tour around Langley, only 45 minutes out of the city. Downloading a brochure will get you a good map and a description of all the farms that welcome visitors. We love the download because it helps you to plan the trip efficiently with little ones who need breaks at different times than the rest of the universe.

Fresh and healthy fare is available from Krause Farms where you can buy your produce while the kids enjoy the fenced play area. The kids will love Aldor Acres, where they can choose their favourite pumpkin from the patch, pat a whole bunch of animals and—this SavvyScout’s pick—groove to the tunes of a gussied-up, guitar-strummin’ mechanical pig (really).


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