Here’s Where You Can Strollercize in Ottawa for Free

Strollercize Ottawa

When you’re a new parent, or are off on maternity leave, staying active, meeting other parents, and getting out of the house with the baby can be very desirable. However, finding a class, or program that you love and is in your neighbourhood isn’t always easy. If you rely on word of mouth but are new to a community, you may not know the ins and outs of what’s happening for parents.

We’ve shared a list of parent and baby classes happening around Ottawa before, but we are always on the lookout for new activities you may be interested in.

That’s why when we spotted this free activity, we instantly thought many of you would want to hear about it. We love it because you’ll get to enjoy the summer sunshine, possibly meet a new friend, and focus on fitness for you. It’s the ultimate in self-care.

So, what’s the program? Free Stroll & Roll classes at participating Boomerang Kids children stores, hosted by Little Lotus Yoga. These drop-in classes are happening all summer long and into the fall and are being held at various locations all across the city.

What is Stroll & Roll?

The Boomerang Kids Stroll & Roll class is a place to connect, get active and enjoy meeting other parents. You can find a location that is most convenient for you or go to multiple locations during the week. During the approximately 60-minute stroller walking session, you’ll secure baby in your favourite stroller or baby carrier and go on a guided walk around the neighbourhood, beginning at the Boomerang Kids host location and ending there.

Each of the Little Lotus Yoga instructors leading the Stroll and Roll classes are ready to welcome you and baby to a fun session where you’ll also have the opportunity to learn something new. From time to time, Little Lotus Yoga invites a guest speaker to the event offering you an even more engaging, and informative, class while getting out with your baby.

Previous guest speakers have chatted about babywearing, pelvic floor exercises and more! In addition, the sessions are led by personal trainers, and mothers, who completely understand the importance of groups like this for building a parenting community.

Where are the participating Boomerang Kids stores located?

The participating Boomerang Kid locations are located in Barrhaven, Orleans, Kanata, and Gatineau and all offer a weekly class. Times and days of the week vary for each location. Here’s when you can join in your local Boomerang Kids Stroll & Roll:

Barrhaven Stroll and Roll: Thursday Mornings at 10 am

Location: 3777 Strandherd Drive

Kanata Stroll and Roll: Wednesday Mornings at 10:30 am

Location: 700 Eagleson Drive

Orleans Stroll and Roll: Tuesday mornings at 10 am.

Location: 1615 Orleans Boulevard

Gatineau Stroll and Roll: Thursday mornings at 10 am

Location: 25 chemin de la Savane

And yes, all of the programs are free!

What to Bring to your Stroll & Roll Class

Bring a water bottle, a stroller or baby carrier, and anything else you or your baby may need for the session.  It’s also requested that you arrive approximately 10 minutes early to sign in for the class.

What about the weather?

Because the event is outside, there may be some days when a cancellation is necessary (due to rain or heat, for example). For each Stroll & Roll location, Little Lotus Yoga has a Facebook Event page set up and you can monitor class cancellations there.

We love that these classes are free to all and are offered across the city, making them available to so many parents.


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