High Alert


Eventually, we have to let them go—to school, to play dates, and eventually, to sleepover camp. It’s a rite of passage made all the more difficult when you’re dealing with allergies.
Stick with a safety plan that works. Allergy alert gear from one of these great Canadian companies may help give you peace of mind as piece-by-piece, our kids become more independent.

Vancouver-based Emily Press Labels offers customizable allergy alerts in the form of bright red (or blue) adhesive labels that are waterproof, dishwasher and microwave safe. The first line of the label is reserved for your child’s name, the lines below offer space for allergy listings and/or a contact number.

Mabel’s Labels offers all kinds of labels from their Ontario location, and their nut free facility produces UV-resistant allergy identification labels that offer space to list up to six allergies. Available in packs of 20, their alerts adhere to food containers, travel gear and medication tubes.


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