History Buffs in Your Family? Visit the New Canadian History Hall Exhibit

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Are you ready to step back in time and learn about Canadian history?

The Canadian History Hall is a new exhibit at the Canadian History Museum and opened on Canada Day of this year. The exhibit covers our long history from 15,000 years ago to the present and highlights Canadian achievements, dark chapters and offers insight into our past and present.

It’s separated into three time periods: Early Canada, Colonial Canada and Modern Canada. The history begins with accounts of what life was like for First People’s who were established and living here, before the arrival of the Europeans, and the changes thereafter. It touches on the battles fought on the continent, what rural and city life was like, and covers thousands of years of history with art, stories, and over 1500 artifacts.

What families will love about the Canadian History Hall are the hands-on and interactive displays as you travel throughout history. Kids and parents will be enthralled in each section. While there is plenty to read and learn, the information is presented in bite-sized pieces that make it easy to digest and understand for school aged children.

For pre-readers (or those less interested), the interactive screens, and encouragement to touch replicas of the artifacts, plus sounds and visual effects throughout the journey are sure to keep their interest.

For example, in one area, kids can learn about life on a farm in New France, while music plays in the background and they participate in a screen game about what food would be caught, cooked and eaten at the time.

In another area, they’ll play a game to try to become an MP while fireworks explode over Parliament Hill. These moments of interactivity will keep them busy and happily hopping from one part to another. The space offers plenty for kids to touch and explore, without having parents worry that they shouldn’t be.

The Hall is accessible with a stroller. Admission to the Canadian History Hall is part of your museum admission which gives you access to the other exhibits and the Children’s Museum during your visit. However, we recommend that you don’t rush through the Canadian History Hall, it’s larger than expected with so much information and thought provoking tidbits throughout.

As the summer hours change, you may want to double check when the Museum opens and closes each day. One tip we would also offer is to pack a lunch and snack to enjoy outside on the grounds; the view of the waterway and Parliament area is worth it. There is also a cafeteria.

We think you and your family will find this journey into Canada’s past not only educational but eye-opening as well.

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