Home(made) Theatre


All the world’s a stage. But, when our corner of the global theatre is covered in slush and ice, it can be challenging for our micro-thespians to express their dramatic side (in a constructive way, that is).
Being housebound in the winter is a challenge for us all, which is why we’re so excited to have stumbled through the door of Open Door Designs.

So what is it? Open Door Designs is the creation of Joanne Bigham, who learned how to delight and dazzle children as the ‘elephant keeper’ for Sharon, Lois and Bram. When a friend called on her skills as a set designer and puppeteer to design a transportable puppet theatre for libraries and schools, Joanne came up with a solution so simple and creative, a new business was born.

A Homemade TheatreJoanne creates her puppet theatres out of simple doorway-sized fabric panels with a small, inset, drapery-covered window for the stage. (Bet you wish you thought of that idea.) The whole unit is held in place by a simple tension rod and is adjustable to any height. It can be set up quickly and easily in any doorway to create a fast, but fancy home puppet theatre.


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