How to Make Ice Cream Sandwich Pops


A few weeks ago, I was in need of a frozen sweet treat but was a little short on the time it would take to make something completely homemade. I was determined to come up with an idea that wouldn’t require a lot of time, but would still look like I had put some personal effort into preparing the party food I was committed to serving.

So, I purchased a pack of store-bought ice cream sandwiches, unearthed some wooden Popsicle sticks that were tucked away in the craft bin, and broke out a few bottles of sprinkles I keep stocked in the pantry and went to work creating the most popular frozen treat I’ve passed around in ages.

To make them, I simply sliced the sandwiches in half, rolled all four exposed sides in the sprinkles and slid a wooden stick into one end for easy eating. Voila! An ice cream sandwich pop that had the kids clamouring for second and third servings.

This idea could be customized to match the theme of any party. Throwing a major league celebration for your little baseball fanatic? Use red, white, and blue sprinkles. If you were thinking about a backyard campout sometime this summer, yellow and green sprinkles would pair perfectly with this type of party. Better yet, if you’re throwing a birthday party, why not set up a DIY ice cream sandwich pop station and let the kids make their own frozen treats as a party activity?

What is your favourite frozen treat to pass around at a party?


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