How to Remove Cherry Pits without Using a Cherry Pitter


A cherry pitter is a convenient kitchen tool I’€™m happy to live without. I try not to keep too many ‘€˜one-use’€™ gadgets on hand, and I’€™m happy to report there are plenty of other easy ways to remove those pesky pits from the centre of my beloved cherries.
To do it my way, all you need is a narrow-neck bottle’€”think beer bottle or swing-top bottle ‘€“and a chopstick; it really is that simple. Place the cherry centred over the opening of the bottle and push the pit through using the chopstick. It will plop into the bottom of the container, making this not only the easiest method for removing pits, but also the cleanest.

If you don’€™t have a bottle or a chopstick lying around, you can also remove the hard seeds by popping them out with a pastry tip, or using the end of a bobby pin.

Tell me, what are some of your favourite ways to use cherries this season? Do you keep a cherry pitter on hand?


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