If You Have a Kid Who Loves Film, You’re Going to Want to Read This


Did you know that TIFF, in addition to hosting the annual festival and hosting independent films at the TIFF Bell Lightbox theatre downtown, also offers a summer day camp?

They do!

TIFF Summer camp is aimed at children between the ages of eight and 17 who have a real passion for all-things film, and who would love the opportunity to learn more about what goes on behind the scenes. Not only do they get to learn from the pros, they get to make their own short films or reels and see them on the big screen.

This is the kind of camp where your children will have so much fun, and have their passion is ignited. They won’t even realize how much their learning and the friendships they’re forming. The programs focus on collaboration and teamwork, with campers working together, using their imaginations, to create innovative stories to tell on screen.

Camps offered at TIFF are led by industry professionals who will work with your kids to help them develop the skills they need to produce their own films.

Summer offers a great chance for our kids to have the time to totally focus on exploring their passion.

TIFF summer programs are designed to give children the opportunity to spend the summer with kids who share similar passions, in a safe, educational and inclusive environment.

As the days of this school year dwindle, spots at your favourite camps are filling up fast, if they’re not full already. Thankfully, a few of TIFF’s programs have some space left for kids aged 8-13!

One of the programs with space remaining is Film Fun 101: Superheroes. Your 8 to 10-year-olds will get to work with industry pros to explore all parts of filmmaking – from a screenwriting workshop, where they create their own hero, to a stunt coordination workshop, where they will learn how to create believable action scenes. They’ll even get to screen a bunch of movies with different types of heroes, to challenge what they think a ‘hero’ is, and hopefully inspire and influence them as they create their own.

Exploring Film: Finding your style, is another one of the great summer programs at TIFF that has a few spots left. This camp is aimed at 11 to 13-year-olds who would love the opportunity to learn about different film making techniques. Over the course of the camp, kids will learn about animation, silent film, stop-motion animation, 360-degree virtual reality and everything in between, through hands-on approach to the fundamentals of film and the creative ideas behind them.

The best part of camp? Your young filmmaker will put everything they’ve learned into action and create a one-of-a-kind movie or reel that will be put up on the big screen at the TIFF Bell Lightbox for them and their family and friends to enjoy screening!

There’s only a few spots left in the TIFF summer camp, so if you have a film lover in the house with summer plans still up in the air, jump at the opportunity for them to learn from real industry experts, who will help them develop the skill to produce their own films and recognize their own voice, and to grow their passion.

This post is brought to you by TIFF but the opinions are our own.


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