Is the Tooth Fairy Suffering from Inflation?


Not all news has to be that serious. How about this’€”kids are now averaging $3.70 per lost tooth. According to Yahoo!, that’s a huge increase from just two years ago. In 2011, the good ‘€˜ol Tooth Fairy was handing out $2.60 per tooth’€”that’€™s a 42% increase.
Inflated Tooth Fairy
Whatever happened to a shiny quarter or a loonie under the pillow? Well, that just isn’€™t the going rate anymore. Apparently, parents don’€™t want their kids to be one-upped on the playground. Like how bad would you feel if your 6-year-old came home saying their friend received triple the amount’€”try explaining that one.

As Kit Yarrow, a consumer psychologist and prof at Golden Gate University, stated: ‘A kid who got a quarter would wonder why their tooth was worth less than the kid who got $5.’ Yahoo! further reported that some parents are doing their research with other parents in order to determine the going rate for the Tooth Fairy.

There is an app for everything’€¦literally
Visa has come out with a Tooth Fairy app. Seriously? The goal is to help parents of different generations who are struggling to determine how much to give their children, based on specific demographics, such as income, education level and age group. Not sure if this small crisis would be considered a struggle (first world problems, anyone?)’€”but hey, there’€™s an app for that…


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