The Most Impressive App


We're definitely impressed with Impressed—a new app for our iPad from Spoke Technologies. Find out more.

Just because we’ve been known to celebrate sleep patterns and healthy bowel movements doesn’t mean we’re that easily blown away

But we’re definitely impressed with Impressed—a new app for your iPad from Spoke Technologies that promises to easily organize and catalogue your favourite family pictures. It takes captured memories from your iPad (or iPhone, Facebook, PC, Instagram, Flickr accounts) and almost instantly produces a gorgeous photo book ready to print.

It’s pretty much perfect.

Download the app (available on iTunes), make a purchase and then quickly and easily create a classic, clean and contemporary bound photo keepsake with just a couple of clicks. Even better, the books are assembled by hand here in Canada.

Want to make it even easier to organize what goes in each book? Try the app’s ‘Inspiration’ feature. It’s like having your own in-house photo editor. Inspiration will search your photo streams from your devices or social media accounts then suggest book ideas based on the themes.

Impressed is different from other photo apps in that it allows you to personalize your photos even more with voice-over storytelling for digital copies of your book that can be shared via Facebook or Twitter with family and friends everywhere.

The cost? Just $29 for up to 40 photographs in a 20 page book.

Kids take note: Impressed just upped the ante on what bowls us over.


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