It’s Clementine Season

SavvyMom April 12, 2016

We are all aware that during the colder months, the selection of fresh, local and/or seasonal fruits and vegetables isn’t nearly as good as it is in the warmer months. However, there is one seasonal fruit that my family looks forward to in December that isn’t available any other time of the year—clementines.
Clementines are the smallest of the Mandarin orange variety. They are seedless, very low in calories and very high in Vitamin C, a valuable cancer-fighting nutrient. One clementine gives you 60% of your daily requirement of Vitamin C. Unlike cherries, clementines are a more ‘laundry-friendly’ fruit. Kids of all ages love clementines. They are inexpensive, sweet and juicy, portable, and easy to peel—the perfect snack idea. Use them in place of any other type of orange, in desserts, green salads, or fruit salads.

What is your favourite seasonal fruit or vegetable?

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