It’s So Simple


Do you ever sneak Jack’s art homework into the grey box while he is busy ripping out the pop up pages from his brand new book (leaving you with yet another project)?

Do you lie awake worrying about not immortalizing your children’s works of art? Those labours of love your child toiled over for hours in that church basement just to bring something home for you.

What about all the money you spent on nursery school, and nothing to show for it?

We understand the guilt of not keeping the mounds of paper (we mean art) that come home every day. Our SO simple solution will absolve you of that mommy guilt (we don’t believe it’s healthy).

Introducing Nathalie Shiraga, graphic designer, mother of two, and founder of So Simple Designs, who believes every child is an artist. Yes, every child.

Nathalie takes your child’s artwork and transforms it into greeting cards, invitations, gift tags and notepads worthy of even the swankiest stationery store. They are perfect gifts for grandparents or for the family Christmas card.

Just follow these easy steps:

1. Pick one of your favourite works of art
2. Send it to Nathalie
3. Choose card, note pad or writing paper
4. Wait for your package in the mail—give it about three weeks.

It’s that simple.

So Simple Designs
(905) 787-0569


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