Keeping Children Active


Like every other parent, I worry about whether or not my children are getting enough physical activity. They spend hours in classrooms, are often driven home, and then spend time completing homework, on the computer, playing video games and watching TV. It is far too easy for them to remain inactive.
According to a government report, “Healthy Weight for Healthy Kids”, one out of every four Canadians aged 2 to 17 is overweight or obese and that number has increased dramatically over the last 30 years. The report also states that only 21% of children and adolescents meet the international guidelines for daily activity for optimal growth and development.

While there are lots of warm weather activities for children, such as baseball, soccer, camping and hiking, many parents find it challenging to keep children active during the colder months. Summer playgrounds are often inaccessible and, although it would be great to spend the whole time outside tobogganing, skiing and skating, the reality is we have too few days suitable for outside play. Besides, sometimes it’s nice to stay home in the warmth and comfort.

So while you watch your children using your living room as a gymnasium, you might think you have no choice. But DreamGYM has a great solution. The DreamGYM Indoor Jungle Gym will easily fit in most basements or a spare room. It needs only 4’x6’ of floor space. Children will have a blast climbing ladders, scaling monkey bars, swinging on a trapeze bar, or doing flips on gym rings right inside their rooms.

Even if your home is tight for space, there’s no need to get discouraged! DreamGYM has an option that won’t take up a lot of room. The Doorway MiniGYM can be mounted in a doorway in minutes. It comes equipped with gym rings and a trapeze bar combo. Additional accessories include a belt swing and rope ladder. Children will happily swing, climb and flip on their DreamGYM rather than your living room furniture.

DreamGYM products help raise agile and healthy children. Kids will have loads of fun playing and you’ll be delighted at the amount of exercise they’re getting year round.

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