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Kiddie Crostini

Jan Scott November 4, 2016
Appetizers for Kids

When it comes to easy entertaining, my favourite appetizer is crostino. While the name sounds impressive, the dish is nothing more than grilled or toasted pieces of bread topped with a little something. It can be anything from sweet jam and a slice of old cheddar, to seasonal vegetables topped with a drizzle of olive oil. In essence, crostini are uncomplicated, inexpensive and totally doable. And recently, I’€™ve been feeding them to my kids for breakfast, lunch, dinner and any snacking opportunity in between.

Baguette slices are the perfect finger food for little ones, and when covered with a smear of slightly sweetened cream cheese and seasonal fruit they quickly become a nutritious nibble for kids of all ages. You can toast the bread or leave it plain, swap in fresh ricotta for the cream cheese, use maple syrup in lieu of honey, and choose between sliced apples, chopped pears, citrus segments and pomegranate seeds for the toppings. These small bites work well for breakfast, are the perfect toddler lunch, and should be well received as a school snack after a long day in the classroom.

Do you love crostini as much as I do? Do you ever serve it to your kids?

Find the full printable recipe here: Kiddie Crostini

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