Kids in the Kitchen: Skillet Spider and Web Cookies


Somewhere in the culinary dictionary, about halfway between pancakes and cookies, you will find these little gems. Cooked on the stovetop in a skillet, then finished in the oven, it’€™s hard to know how we should classify this sweet treats, but it really doesn’€™t even matter because the kids will love them regardless of their moniker.
I was drawn to this recipe simply because it screamed ‘€˜Halloween,’€™ yet managed to avoid the colourful appearance and cloying taste of most of the treats available at this time of year. I think it makes a fun afterschool snack, and the squeeze bottle/piping bag that you use to make the web shape is perfect for little hands, giving the kids the chance to make their own creepy creations.

Find the full printable recipe here: Skillet Spider and Web Cookies


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