Kidtropolis: An Indoor Play Facility in Richmond


There’s a new play place in town for families in the Lower Mainland to take their kids. It’s the perfect spot for wee imaginations to run wild as they go through the different buildings and play structures located in Kidtropolis.


As soon as you walk into Kitropolis, you can tell that it was designed specifically for kids to move about and explore, using their imaginations and pretending. The space is built like a small, kid-sized city, with every business and building you can think of. One minute your child may be filling a car up at the gas station, and then driving off down the road to the local fire hall. Or perhaps they want to fly away on a trip in the airplane, and return home to find they need to do the dishes and tend to the garden.

One of the highlights is the indoor playground. (Good to Know: shoes aren’t permitted and socks are required. There are cubbies near the theatre where shoes can be placed.) There are actually two entrances into the playground: one through the fire station where kids have to climb up and into the play space, the other by the main padded stair entry beside the slides. We loved that the bottom of each slide is padded—a nice touch that makes for softer landings and lessens our worries as our child zooms down the slide.

While we came for an afternoon of play, it quickly became obvious to us that this could be an all-day outing. We’d recommend arriving at the opening to make the most of your time, and going on a weekday if you’re able (it’s a very popular spot come the weekend, and the admission is discounted on weekdays, too.). While outside food is not permitted, Munchies Kidtropolis Café has all sorts of healthy and fun food options available for purchase. Food is not permitted into the play space (and we appreciated the clean, tidy play area) there is a large seating area near the café.

An indoor play facility like Kidtropolis was needed, and now it’s here! It is a fantastic spot for pretend independent play. You will be amazed to see just what sorts of adventures your child gets up to while there, and you will find them asking to go back as soon as you reach home.

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