Making Food Fun


Last week, while surfing for new lunch recipes, I came across a fabulous food blogger from New Hampshire, Lily Anette. In her blog, Lily shares her wonderful collection of family-friendly recipes, food photography and tips for getting children to experience new ingredients and recipes.
From her Ginger Honey Baked Chicken Drumsticks to Pancetta Baby Tomato and Herbs Tart (save time by using a store-bought tart shell) to all of her wonderful Bento-style lunches, Lily’s recipes and photographs will inspire you to become more creative in the kitchen.

Whether you are packing school lunches or making lunch at home, encourage your children to eat healthy, well-balanced lunches, by incorporating numerous fruits and vegetables, meat and alternatives and grains—all in small portions.

Check out August Bento Days 2.

I can’t wait to try her Chicken and Bacon Pasta Bake!

What is your favourite new food site?


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