Maternal Giving


With the holiday season upon us, we’€™re likely focusing on being a wonderful hostess, finding the perfect gifts and creating lasting memories for our families. It’€™s also a time to remember others who have different priorities this time of year.
Today we ask you to take a step back for a minute from all the holiday chaos. We’€™re turning our attention away from what we ‘€˜must-have’€™ this season and shifting it to what we can give instead.

We’€™ve learned that more than half of all Tanzanian women deliver their babies at home without the help of trained birth attendants. Their homes are mud huts with mud floors, leaky roofs and crack-filled walls that welcome the elements’€”all of which present a high risk of infection for labouring mothers and their new babies. As such, thousands of women die each year from complications during childbirth. And when a mother’€™s health is at risk, so is the health of her baby and her other children.

So, in an effort to make the circumstances of other moms a little better and brighter this season, we’ve joined forces with Plan Canada for our annual SavvyMom Holiday Giving Campaign. We’€™re asking for your help to raise $10,000 for a community maternal health clinic.

If only 1,000 of our SavvyMoms donate $10 each, we can get there.

We hope the SavvyMom community will come together so we can reach our goal of establishing this clinic and saving the lives of Tanzanian mothers and their newborns.

Please click here to donate to the SavvyMom Holiday Giving Campaign.

Because mothers always have a little something more to give.


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