Media Partnership Opportunities

We invite you to share your story through us – whether it’s a new product or a special event that our moms should know about. SavvyMom offers a variety of unique media partnership options to integrate your brand with our impactful newsletter. We will work with you to build a tailored advertising solution to suit your budget. can help get you the access you want and the trust you need – with the coveted Mom market.

Here’s just a few of the ways we can help you and your marketing programs leverage the strength of word-of-mouth and the ‘mom-fluential’ market :

Sponsored Emails
Send us your story and our editorial team will work with you to write a SavvyMom Today story in the same familiar voice and housed in the recognized SavvyMom Today template that our readers know and trust. There will be space for a photo and/or logo and hyperlinks throughout the text to drive traffic to your site, as well as reinforcing banner and/or skyscraper ad creative to further expose readers to the brand. We can also work with you to develop an exclusive promotion for our readers to increase the viralocity of your ad placement.

This message will be distributed to the full SavvyMom Today subscriber base as a stand-alone email, marked “From Our Partner”, and can be issued on any day of the week. Sponsored emails are posted on in perpetuity, further increasing exposure and contributing to response rates and awareness results that consistently exceed industry average.

Sponsored Links
If you can get your message across with a quick 25-word or so tease, we recommend our sponsored link. Up to three hyperlinks will drive traffic directly to your own web site, where readers can be exposed to greater detail regarding the item. Sponsored links are particularly effective to spread the word about special events, openings, sales and product launches. We will work with you to develop suitable copy. Footer sponsored links may also include one 100 x 100 pixel image or logo.

Sponsored links are available in each of the regular publications of SavvyMom Today on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Leaderboard, Big Box & Skyscraper Ads
These ads provide the visual impact you are looking for, while allowing our readers to click-through to your website for further information. We can post your brand creative across the top, bottom or on the side of our e-mails which will include an embedded link to your web presence.

Available for placement in each of the regular publications of SavvyMom Today on Tuesdays and Thursdays, a series of these ads is a very effective method of brand-building.

Article Tool Sponsorship
If frequency of contact is a priority, our article tool (print and forward to a friend) sponsorship position allows you to have a more cost-effective presence on the SavvyMom Today newsletter for a month at a time. Your logo will be placed in eight newsletters ensuring that our readers see your trusted brand associated with ours for an extended period.

Combinations & Promotions
The various advertising vehicles offered by SavvyMom Media can be combined into a custom package suitable to your needs to further increase the exposure and impact of your campaign. For example, you may choose to send a Sponsored Email and then follow it up with a series of banner or skyscraper ads further enhancing the brand image or promoting a special contest. Exclusive branded promotions, contests, sampling and giveaways targeting our subscriber base can also be accommodated.

Website Media Buys
We can also arrange opportunities for website media buys. Standard and rich media leaderboard, big box and skyscraper sizes are available across all sections of our website.

Market Research
The strength of our ‘one click away’ feature is equally appealing to marketers interested in reaching and understanding moms. Market research opportunities, panels and focus groups can be arranged.

For further information, to discuss other partnership opportunities or to reserve your ad space, please contact our Media Partnerships team at 416 364 6590 or by email at [email protected]

To download a media kit, click here.


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