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It’s another freezing cold week in Toronto, but things are warming up with the news of John Tory running for mayor, some Olympic post-mortems, beards, social media and the mother wars. That’s what caught my attention.
After recovering from the excitement of our gold medal hockey games and our third place overall finish, I enjoyed reading about what the athletes liked about their stay in Sochi and what they’re getting up to now. Apparently the hot item at the Sochi Olympics that the athletes were buying up was the onesie. Really? According to the New York Times, the store in Sochi has sold 25-50 onsies a day at $250 a pop. It’s likely this trend will hit us and if so, I think I’ll leave it to the next generation. Just thinking about going to the bathroom in them stresses me out too much.

In more news on what’s trending, it’s no secret that beards are in. So much so that apparently hipster beard transplants ‘are at least kind of a thing now’, according to an article in New York Magazine. To be clear, men are paying to have hair transplanted onto their faces. I was thinking that these guys might be interested in the Sochi onsies as the perfect recovery outfit after their transplant procedure. Don’t you think?

Speaking of recovering, I think we should all take some time to recover from our social media addiction and I have just the thing. It’s called the Social Media Guard and this is how it works. Keep your eyes up, you’ll be amazed at what the world can show you. I’m getting some for my teenage kids, and all their friends, and my mom…

In mom-related news, I found a beautifully written post by Dr Carolyn Ee, on her blog, The Healthy Doctor. It’s making the social media rounds this week as it addresses what is often referred to as the ‘mommy wars’ between stay-at-home-moms (SAHM) and working moms. The post takes the form of a letter to each party. The letters are written with respect and empathy, and I think they are more representative of how most moms really feel—despite the fact that the media is more interested in the ‘war’ between the two parties. It is definitely worth a read.

A letter to a working mom

Finally, a sigh of relief that John Tory has finally registered his candidacy for Mayor of Toronto. I’ve had enough of our Late Night Mayor already.

Have a great week, stay warm.


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