Back-to-School Countdown: Checklist


Love it or loathe it, back to school is almost here. And to make it easier on everyone, it’s best to start some prep now to avoid a rough transition. Here are a few quick tasks to tackle for smooth September sailing, courtesy of psychologist, parenting expert, and author Sara Dimerman. You can read more of her wit and wisdom on

3 Weeks to Go

Perfect Playdate:

If camp, vacations, or other programming has kept your kids away from their buds, make an effort to schedule a playdate or two, allowing them all to reconnect before the big day.

2 Weeks to Go

Get Sticky with It:

Put 14 sticky notes on your child’s wall, numbered one to 14. Each day leading up to the beginning of school, remove the sticky note corresponding to the number of days to go. This visual reminder of the countdown helps kids prepare for school by bringing closure to their summer holidays.

1 Week to Go

The Rhythm of the Night:

It’s tough—but start to adjust back to school bedtime and wake-up times. Get them into bed 10 or 15 minutes earlier each night and up earlier as well. It’s better to have a drowsy August morning than to struggle during the first week of school.


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