My Gym Ottawa: The Perfect Place to Let Kids Run, Learn & Play

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Parents, if you are looking to bring your kids to a fun play gym where they can explore, learn new skills and burn off all of their extra energy, then you’ll want to check out My Gym Ottawa located in Barrhaven.

My Gym has been open for about two years and welcomes kids up to age 11 for a variety of programming that is designed to get them moving and have fun while doing it. The gym set up changes weekly, giving your child a surprise each time they open the door to come in. In addition to the class time offered with your My Gym Ottawa experience, another perk of having a My Gym Ottawa membership is that if you travel to any other My Gym location in Canada, or the world, you’ll have access to their classes. This is just one of the wonderful reasons we think you’ll love My Gym Ottawa.

Here’s what you need to know about My Gym Ottawa

Classes for New Parents

If you are a new parent looking to meet other parents or just to get out the house with your little one, you will love the My Gym offering for babies up to 7 months old at their Little Bundles classes. By paying a one-time membership fee for those early months, you will have unlimited access to My Gym Little Bundles classes where your little one can be stimulated by all the sights and sounds, and you can meet other parents and build your own community of fellow parents.

Classes for Younger and Older Kids

The My Gym classes for younger children and school-aged children are curriculum based and designed to get them moving and learning. There are different skills that they learn in each class, like how to do a cartwheel, but also free time allowing them to explore the gym and play. The combination of the two will have them being active and engaged for the entire class.

The older kids and pre-teens aren’t left out at My Gym, as classes go up to aged 11. With the Ninja Training class, for kids aged 9-11, we think kids will love the challenge of learning and practicing their stellar ninja skills.

In addition, there’s a fitness class (Cardio Kids) that focuses not only on movement but on nutrition and healthy living. These classes are a great accompaniment to other sporting activities your child may participate in.

The classes for both younger and older children have an 8-week sign up (that can be renewed) to help immerse your child into the full gym experience and to try different skills along the way. The goal of each class is to offer physical and social benefits to your child, and the intention is to provide a positive environment for your child to learn and grow. That’s why the classes offer encouraging one-on-one skill time as well as group time.

Camps for Kids

Along with their classes, My Gym Ottawa offers PD Day, holiday and summer camps. These camps combine gym time and sometimes outdoor time (in the summer the campers will travel to the local park to play). There are camps running all summer long, and PD Day camps line up with various school board PD Day offerings. Members receive a discounted rate for camp registration.

My Gym Ottawa On The Go

My Gym Ottawa will also travel to your local school, daycare, and preschool to offer their programming. The pricing is priced per child and they bring their supplies and set up the active area for the kids involved.

Membership rates vary according to your child’s age, but sibling discounts are offered and your membership includes other perks like camp discounts. If you aren’t sure if My Gym Ottawa is for your child, they offer a trial class. Simply go to their website and add the age of your child to find out which class would be best for them and they can try before you fully register.

With so many fun options at My Gym Ottawa, we think families across the city will love this space to play, learn and grow.




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