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Fun Indoor Playground Alert: Krazy Monkey


We love spending time outside, but weather in Calgary can be so unpredictable. When we need an inside alternative, indoor playgrounds are obviously front of mind. They’re always a big hit with our kids and we love that they can play for hours (and we can take a mini-break).

Krazy Monkey is a fun, new, indoor playground that has become one of our family’s favourites. We love their central location, their bright and clean space, and we really like that the facility is geared to all ages of children. You can bring your whole family to be entertained at one spot.

The main attraction is a large, multi-level indoor playground, complete with a good-sized ball-pit.  When we visited, our kids loved climbing and playing here and spent several hours exploring with their friends.  It is a wonderful bonus that most of the main structure can be easily viewed from the main seating area, which means mom or dad can spend a little time sitting down (maybe even with a coffee) while still keeping their eyes on the kids.

Also included with admission to is access to jump on their huge, over-sized bouncy house. Even the parents were impressed when we saw it!

Parents of infants and toddlers will love the spacious and totally enclosed toddler area. There you will find ‘tiny-human’-sized climbing structures, ride-on toys and other age-appropriate activities.

Food and drinks are available for purchase and the menu includes both healthy options (think salad and real-fruit smoothies), as well as family-favourites such as chicken nuggets, pizza and hot dogs.  Most importantly, they serve coffee!

If you don’t mind spending a few extra dollars and would like to add some variety to your visit, there are some ‘add-ons’ available to you as well. Tokens can be purchased if you would like to try some arcade-style games or you can also challenge your skills in a raised obstacle course, known as ‘Ninja-Training’.

If you prefer something a little quieter, you can also get your ‘craft-on’ in their upstairs painting room. They have a variety of small models that you can purchase to paint and you are welcome to leave them to dry while you continue to play.

We were thrilled to find out that Krazy Monkey does allow ‘in and out’ privileges.  You can leave the facility to have a quick meal at home, or run an errand, and still return to play.  If you plan on taking advantage of this, be sure to keep your hand-stamp on.

Things to note:

Before you go, double-check their events page on their website. They occasionally allow private booking and do post any modified hours on the ‘events’ section of their website.

Also, don’t forget your socks!  They are required in all areas of the building.

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