Now I Know How to Blow Dry


With the new economy and all, we are spending a lot more time doing things ourselves. No more getting a quick blow dry before the big party—it’s just not right. But while I was getting my haircut the other day, I picked up a savvy hair tip that I just have to share.
That little switch on your blow dryer that says ‘Cold’ is actually there for a reason (it’s not just there to confuse you). That’s right, apparently the cold air is what actually sets your hair. So keep doing what you are doing with your straight brush or curling brush with your dryer on high heat. But before you let go of the brush, flick the switch to cold for a few seconds and hold it there (just 3–5 seconds will do). That is called ‘setting’.

Who knew? Apparently this will hold the body or the straight, whatever you are after. At least for longer than it did before. Good luck and have fun at the party—if anyone is having them anymore!


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