OCR Academy is Like Ninja Training for Kids (And Fun For You, Too!)

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This isn’t your typical play place for kids. This gym will make your kids feel like a ninja, while also helping them stay fit and focused—and parents can join in, too. OCR Academy on Morrison Drive (near Greenbank Road) is an obstacle training zone for kids age 7 and older that we know you’re all going to love.

It feels like a part-time job sometimes to organize our children in their favourite activities. Even researching and registering can feel overwhelming. Whether you are looking for something to keep your kids active, entertained or that fits into your family schedule, there are many options in Ottawa to choose from. But we’re especially excited to share with you this venue that’s unlike any other in the city. OCR has programs that are focused on fitness and movement and there is no way you’ll ever hear ‘I’m bored!’ again.

What we think you’ll also love is that there are programs for adults too, with gym times for every family member, and family drop-in programs, this makes OCR Academy a complete family affair when it comes to working out and fitness. There’s even a coffee shop on site where you can find protein snacks or butter coffee to enjoy while you wait for the kids to be done their training, or for after your family workout.

Obstacle Fit Kids is one of their programs. The kids are grouped by age (7-9, 10-13) and the program highlights activity as a motivator and reward. The monthly membership fee includes six days of potential drop-in times throughout the month (pre-registration for your preferred day is required). The challenging obstacles and workouts motivate kids to improve their physical fitness while having fun. Effort is rewarded and the training is applicable for so many kids, no matter their interests.

OCR Academy is equipped with obstacles that will challenge and encourage kids to keep trying, learn something new and have fun. No matter where their preference or skills lie, they can learn and grow with this training. In addition to the monthly classes for kids (and bootcamps for teens/adults), there are days with open family gym times. These drop-ins make it perfect for your entire family to get active together at the same time which works for our busy schedules.

If you are in need of summer camp options, OCR Academy has those, too. The OCRA Ninja camp is considered to be 7 days of recess! This week-long camp welcomes kids to craft, play sports and enjoy free time throughout the facility. Much of the camp is self-guided exploration of activities, fitness and fun. In addition to camp days, PD Day activities and drop-ins are available.

Lastly, we can’t forget to mention that OCR Academy has the option for birthday parties. We think kids will consider this one of the coolest parties around. Each party features obstacles and fitness and can be booked for 90 minutes or two hours long. The packages include pizza, playtime and time for cake and snacks. These are perfect for larger groups, but if you have fewer people, they recommend a family drop-in time to enjoy for smaller parties. You can save money this way plus still order pizza and use their tables.

As an activity centre for your young children and pre-teens, OCR Academy is where you’ll want to go but even more so, if you are looking for a way for the entire family to stay fit, parents will enjoy this place as a workout location too. With a cafe, fun programming and focus on fitness, OCR Academy is keeping families across Ottawa fit and active.



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