On the Road (Again)


The road trip – it’s all about the getting. Getting going, getting sleepy, getting hungry, getting ice cream, getting there. We’ve discovered a suite of products this spring that we think will get you there and back cleaner, happier and more comfy.
We know you’ll get that.

Getting Going

Your mom was right when she said “A place for everything and everything in its place.”, and with the CaseLogic Back Seat Organizer from Solutions or the Canadian Tire Back Seat Organizer (about $15), your kids have a place for all their trip essentials at close hand and all within view. The best part? MUCH less kicking the back of your seat when their favourite stuff is there.

Getting Back

image For the younger set still in rear-facing carseats,we like the BearView Mirror ($35) which combines the friendly charm of a teddy bear with the practicality of a mirror and allows the driver to safely keep an eye on baby. With a quick glance over your shoulder or to the rear-view mirror, you can check on your precious passenger, who is in good company with his furry friend.

Visit Grobag Canada for store availability.

Getting There

Part of Fisher Price’s fantastic just-available-in Canada this month Active Gear line, the Sleepover Napsack ($45) is all about BYOB (bring your own BED) empowerment. image When the kids know where they are going to sleep, it means easier nights away from home, whether to grandma’s or friends’ cottages with not quite enough beds to go around.

The portable wheeled backpack comes filled with an air mattress (suitable for kids up to 50 pounds), an easy-to-use pump (yes, we tested it), AND lots of room for jammies and other favourites from home. Kids love pulling their own ‘suitcase’ too and this one is sized just right for that.

The Active Gear line is available at select Toys ‘r’ Us locations (check for availability) and soon to be available online.

So get what you need and get going. Have a great trip.


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