Froyo? YOLO! The Best Froyo in Ottawa


It’s a long, cold winter in Ottawa, but instead of hiding away and waiting for spring, let’s embrace the frozen…frozen yogurt that is!

Frozen yogurt can taste a lot like ice cream, but the good news is that it’s healthier for you. A lot of flavours are low fat or fat free and some even have added vitamins and probiotics. At the best froyo shops across the city, you pick a flavour, self-serve style, and add as many toppings as you like, creating a new combination every time.

Miss Yogurt 
The newest frozen yogurt place in town is a small pink and green shop on Elgin Street. Miss Yogurt has a great selection of flavours, including green tea, and lots of toppings to choose from. They also sell smoothies and row upon row of colourful macarons. Definitely worth checking out.

Spoon Frozen Yogurt Lounge
The winning combination of yummy treats and an inviting space is what Spoon Frozen Yogurt Lounge in the Market is all about. Instead of just the standard tables and chairs, Spoon invites you to stay and enjoy on their comfy lounge seating. Fresh ingredients and a cozy atmosphere make us want to ‘spoon’ all day.

We’ve had enough of you, Old Man Winter. We’re ready for warmer weather and frozen treats, and nothing’s gonna stop us.

We’ve got 6 more places to get amazing froyo in the capital. See the rest in our 8 Places to Get Froyo in Ottawa.



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