Find Indoor Family Fun at Walkley Bowling Centre

SavvyMom November 10, 2016
Bowling Kid

Kids of all ages love to throw balls. Even big heavy ones, like the kind you can toss down the lane. T€he bowling lane, that is.

Non-descript on the outside, on the inside the Walkley Bowling Centre is a flash from bowling’€™s past, circa 1970. The thirty computerized lanes have an old-school feel that will appeal to both kids and parents eager to try their hand at the uniquely Canadian game of five-pin bowling. The smaller-than-usual bowling balls are easy for older kids to handle and perfect for young kids to grasp with both hands.

We love their Youth Bowling League every Saturday from 9:30 am- 12 pm. Your child plays three full games, supervised and helped by volunteer coaches. there are prizes, awards, and badges, and it’s only $10. In fact, all the rates at Walkley are reasonable. Adults are $7, kids are $4.50, and little ones under four are free to play.

Be prepared to spend 40 minutes to an hour per game, depending on the ages of the kids playing, and don’€™t forget socks to wear in the rental shoes.

That’€™s one strike for the record books.

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